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Grandstand Attractions Inc. The Now Generation has been promoting demo derbies for over 40 years. Bill & Regina McDermith are the owners. (Bill passed away on May 17, 2012. But Regina continues to promote demo derbies).She lives in Mechanicsburg, Illinois. Between the two of them, they have been associated with demolition derbies for over 55 years. They have been on CBS This Morning with Jose Diaz-Balart. They built him a compact car so he could see what it was like to drive. Regina still runs in a few demo derbies when she can find time between promoting demo derbies and working her regular job. They promote Modified demo derbies, Semi Modified demo derbies, Bone Stock demo derbies, team demo derbies, compact demo derbies, compact figure 8 demo derbies, mini van demo derbies, combine demo, truck demo derbies, lawn mower demo derbies and power wheels demo derbies. Right now they have shows in Illinois, Missouri and Kansas. They will go just about anywhere. Just give them a call @ (217)306-4025 or email them if you need a demolition derby promoter.